Double Life: Episode 5 – UH OH!

Minecraft Double Life: Episode 5 – UH OH! Grian is back on dual life for the most intensive episode yet!



  1. The stalactite kill was so epic!

  2. I am Australia

  3. grian is a good music writer cz in the beggining of the video he copose a song the tittle is SCAR STOP! YEAAAAAAAA HEEEE YEAAAAA

  4. R.I.P btw I’m on an SMP and Ik how to kill my enemys

  5. Best love story ever!

  6. Why did Grian have no levels

  7. Trevor Bertrand

    he says that is the best thing he’s ever done but while it’s very chobblesome we all know the best thing he’s done.

  8. Here’re some ideas for the 4. installment.
    1. Lost Life:
    Simply when you get killed by a player you also lose 2 hearts but if you kill a player you gain 2 hearts.
    You can maximally have 20 hearts.
    2. Trick Life
    When you die you respawn with 5 hearts. Only when you die with only 5 hearts you lose a Life and gain back your hearts.

  9. 15:35 chill chill chill “Hits horse” 🤣

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