Double Life: Episode 2 – BUILDING UP!

Minecraft Double Life: Episode 2 Grian is back with another third life / last life minecraft series with a brand-new twist! Turns out you can try and change soulmates..




  1. I’m going to call it the colored pencils cake or something

  2. we now know that grian is a simp for bigB 😔

  3. The base looks like a half eaten hot dog

  4. Name the base Fort Blocks

  5. Carington Grace

    Not gonna lie…looks like a fortress made out of giant pencils ☠️😂

  6. How about calling the base the Shake-and-Cake

  7. Coat the inside of the base with drip stone, so if it burns the inside lives

  8. Poke cake!

  9. Grians evil lair. Ed cake get it lair like a villains base

  10. Am I the olmly one Who noticed grien’s bace Is Coker’s EXACTLY LIKE HIM

    Bottom:skin tone
    Top: shirt🫤

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