Double Life: Episode 1 – DOUBLE TROUBLE!

Minecraft Double Life: Episode 1 Grian is back with another third life / last life minecraft series with a brand-new twist! Turns out discovering your soulmate is not simple




  1. i really love grian and scar’s dynamic XD

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It would be funny if your soulmate changes every message. hahaha

  4. WOW I loved this it looks like its gonna be a good serius. Well done grian keep it up!😃😃

  5. GRIAN PRO STRAT: scar is hidden and eats tons of food whilst you fight as someone who is basically invincible!

  6. I guess grian is going to have some very good times with scar this series

  7. this seasons just 3rd life round 2

  8. Martina Andersson

    40:18 “This whole time” just made my brain go “Lilly… after all this time” so grian and scar are true soulmates confirmed

  9. Professor Rogue

    Goat horns are gonna be the new spyglahasses

  10. Finally!

    An idea for the next one building off this one- have factions that share lives. Like 2 competing groups(team red and team blue let’s say) that share lives. Keep the pool 3 lives per player. Hostile players(players who have died twice, hostile players will still respawn if their team has lives) will be able to kill players of the opposing faction, while green/yellow players can only build traps at the opponents pre-built(or outlined territory so y’all can build your own castles) castle. Turn nameplates off so the trap builders and their opponents have to rely on the sounds. When a team has lives equal to the number of players on the team, all of that team are hostile.

    No enchanting table. All enchants from fishing or chests only from using anvil. Add a way to regain lives, and make it progressively harder to do so, requiring work from multiple team members. Only 1 life available to gain per session.

    I’m not sure if the tech would allow for this, but I think it would be a really entertaining series.

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