Don’t Start a BBQ with OXYGEN! It’s Not Safe

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Have a good time, but always plan ahead, and recollect that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.



  1. Ooo ooo ooo please put the heater on a door knob please I want to see what happens

  2. I love fire????

  3. Why not use the chimney and a fan

  4. I wonder if body heat will make a fire sprinkler go off ???

  5. What if you bought a truck a horn but instead of compressed air you used propane. Then light the end on fire

  6. What happens when u vacuum camber a glue???

  7. Cut through a bunch of stuff using only dry ice to cut it

  8. I don’t use lighter fluid to light my bbq. For that matter I don’t use charcoal briquettes. I use natural lump charcoal and a propane burner. In 15 minutes it’s ready to go and tastes a-lot better too.

  9. What about the spray paint

  10. DinoMasterFire Rising

    It’s May?
    I like time travel

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