Don’t Pretend Play at Prison!

It is one thing to be the most wanted person, but it is another thing to make believe play it toward somebody else!


Thanks for perusing the finish of this description!


  1. Oh dear we made the trending page again. Brace yourself for all the toxic comments!

    Haters please keep it to a minimum. Thank you!

    • Is this what people see after takeing a hit of lsd

    • what do you mean by trending page? this is a great video i dont know why there would be any haters

    • I Suck at Gaming

      It is difficult to leave constructive criticism when what has been demonstrated is utterly bereft of merit.

      Honestly, for your sake I hope this is your hobby rather than a source of income. If you are relying upon this for income, make your future self happy and learn a skill or trade.

    • Hi mr guava juice im speaking tagalog hi po pogi ka

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if the trending page just didn’t exist?

  2. Edwin Villanueva

    ???o my gosh

  3. So I was wearing my AirPods right, then! When you knocked on the case I heard it on my right side and I got really scared and it was night time

  4. Pokemon master a

    Are you a hacker

  5. Blubbernugget Films

    Me at 10:00pm : Goodnight Mom I love you. See you in the morning

    Me at 2:45 am: *DONT PRETEND PLAY AT PRISON*

  6. Awesome Video…………….

  7. This is horrible

  8. I seen you on double dare

  9. This is like your so immature

  10. Nightcoreシベリア

    why the heck did guava juice became a kid channel

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