Don’t Fall off the Shrinking Plank!!

Hi people! In this challenge, we stand on a retractable plank! If we get trivia questions mistaken, the plank shrinks! Who do you think will last the longest before they fall? Tell us down below!
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  1. *princess* That took me out

  2. Hermione Malfoy

    Hufflepuff? That hurts my soul

  3. *C L I C K B A I T*

  4. THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!!!!!!

  5. This is a very unique way to torture others.
    I approve ?

  6. Why am In 7th grade and I only missed 1 of these and three grown men missed most of the.

  7. isn’t this from a japanese show lmao

  8. Hoohoo DONALD TRUMP

  9. sub to me

  10. Congrats on #10 In trending

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