Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast | The Curse – Scott The Woz

Scott is the chosen one.

“Opening” Full Credits
Composed by Chapman “Chipper” Hammond

“Barrel Blast Completion Montage” Full Credits
Written, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Garrett Williamson
Guitars by Joshua Taipale
Bass by Gary Lunn
Drums by Scott Williamson
Keys, Orchestration, & Programming by Garrett Williamson

“Break In (End Card)” Full Credits
Written, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Garrett Williamson
Rhythm Guitar Programming by Joshua Taipale

Music Used:
Coming Soon


  1. Ladies and gentlemen we’ve reached the renaissance era of Scott the Woz

  2. If this gets 100 likes, I’ll make a full Scott the Woz lore video


  4. Andreas Otto Hansen

    16:06 glad to see “Expand Dong” still lives.

  5. just to validate this game in my mind im going to pretend that this game is the sole cause of us getting funky kong in mk wii

  6. I still don’t understand why companies name their games differently depending on the region.
    my only assumption is copyright.


  8. What’s with some parts having voice over instead of them actually speaking like the first scene 16:50 feels completely voiced over then at 36:41 there is a part muted and re voiced

  9. Dank Productions

    Our king returns

  10. The production value on this was worth the wait thanks Scott!!!

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