Doja Cat – Balut (Audio)

Doja Cat // Balut // Get It Here //

New Album “Scarlet” Available 9.22 //

#DojaCat #Balut #Scarlet


  1. Montes de comentários em português 🖤

  2. Im glad youre pursuing your career

  3. That‘s a snack in the Ph Doja 🤗

  4. Loving it! Literally checking everybody in the calmest nicest way ❤

  5. wow this song is amazing!! love the lyricsss

  6. 1. We already have a Kendrick Lamar. 2. She’ll come out and say she wasn’t dissing any of her female rap peers if any blogs say she was lyrically. 3. She’s gimmicky. Nothing original. She needs to get over herself! Stole from early-Nicki Minaj. Now, she’s stealing from Kendrick Lamar.

  7. Dojo Cat coming with the #bars loving her #journey in the music world. This one reminds me of a 9th Wonder Rapsody type of track. 🔥 🔥

  8. new favorite song love you doja

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