Doing away with logs

Loading loads of logs into a F800 dump truck with an excavator and providing them places. Then solving some lights on the truck.


  1. Andrew as much logs as you deal with have you looked into a tandem axle log truck

  2. Andrew tells Blue that he’s going to put him in the truck where it’s safe and as he shuts the door and starts to walk away did you all hear him tell Blue, “Don’t put it in neutral.” I love the interaction he has with all of his dogs. He really seems to treat them like they are beloved children.

  3. Baty- GO t0 МY Channel LIVE -NOW-💗

    Hey Andrew, I love your videos and was wondering when you gonna do some more small engine stuff like snowmobiles, atvs, dirt bikes, and jet skis? Thanks you have a good one !

  4. Marcel Powergumsma

    Another good movie Andrew.
    Watch them all.
    greetings from the Netherlands

  5. Thanks for your vid 😇💟💟💟 Love you.

  6. I think you should bild a dogbed for your that truck. //Swede

  7. very cool enjoy seeing another video thank you well done Andrew

  8. Wow, #36 on Trending. Blu you’re getting bigger every day, but the pea has to stay outside the shop little man. Watch your big brother Cody, he’ll teach you allot. 😉

  9. Ok Andrew i need you at my property. You make it look so easy.

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