Dog Kissing Booth

I make new video clips here every Wednesday and make video blogs during my majestical every day life.



  1. i need to know the root of jenna saying that peach owes/steals her money

  2. Love how cozy your couchs always look with the big soft blankets

  3. Kermit looks like he has seen some intense shit??

  4. I may be dumb, but what’s this running joke about Mango stealing Jenna’s money?

  5. 4:26


  6. 33? Holy shit, that’s basically a boomer

  7. The only kiss Marble wants is the kiss of life.

  8. the blush on jennas face is so cute im so glad shes doing it ;O;

  9. Do I see a subtle “e-girl blush” application today?! I love it.

  10. ooooh I see that blush, you e-girl

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