Does a Case Make Your Phone Slower?

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We test an iPhone Xs Max and a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with an assortment of phone cases – which includes the Apple leather case – to look at if a case can make your phone slower by affecting its thermal performance.

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  1. Make a video on ways to keep these suckers cool while on our ebic gamer moments?

  2. Please create a custom copper phone case

  3. It depends on the model of the phone, my EX phone ( Moto Z ) use to thermal throttle so bad that bring my patience to throttle too…! A case on that phone make a lot of difference

  4. Perpendicular Driving

    5:15 why did he pronounce “against” like an old male narrator rhyming about a mouse and his friends in a European children’s book?


  5. don’t forget that most phone today use a cooling system placed under the screen so it dosn’t really matter if the back is covered by a case

  6. watching this on my dbrand grip case, I am wondering if the case doesn’t create heat problems because it’s just a bumper

  7. Michael Maurakis

    I wanna see you guys test a slim metal case with low profile metal fins. I wonder if that would actually help with thermal performance.

  8. Oliver Habersetzer

    never commented something like this but hair on point bud 😀
    …not that I care – I just noticed 😀
    Still great content 😉 Keep it up

  9. This question Sounds so stupid for me that i want to watch this video haha

  10. I recently got a rugged case for my Mi A2. Today was VERY HOT. My phone died at 1hr 30 min of screen on time.

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