Dodge Durango Hellcat vs Lamborghini Urus vs Jeep Trackhawk // DRAG & ROLL RACE

These are the three strongest gas-only powered SUVs that you can purchase and today they are at the Throttle House Track test for a Drag race. The 2021 Durango Hellcat ($115,700 CAD, $81,000 USD) Lamborghini Urus ($300,000 CAD as specced) and the Jeep Trackhawk ($104,659 CAD, $88,365 USD). Will the cheese-eating American SUVs stand an opportunity against the raging bull from Italy? Things do not always go as foretold!! Watch to figure out!

An enormous thank you to the fable @Vanity.JW for lending us his Urus

& to @Gabe.Calandrino for his Trackhawk!!

And to Steve, who is a king amidst males.



Music from

Drone Flying by @Remotecontrolkev

#DurangoHellcat #Urus #Trackhawk


  1. Mr Perfectionist

    The real race was between Durango & Trackhawk that i wanted to see. Urus wasn’t even there

  2. Dodge wins… owns them all!

  3. imagine spendin 200-300k on a Lambo truck just to get smoked by a 80K Durango 😂😂

  4. TheNegrodamus89

    Love the headlights on the Durango 👌🏽

  5. First race where the Dodges win all I could think is “Send that where-man back to Indonesia!” From Taladega nights

  6. James is winning races now

  7. dispike ndandwa

    Dodge Durango Hellcat vs Mercedes Benz gls 63 amg family 7 seater drag race

  8. Why test two of the same suv? Should have got a bmw x5m or a Mercedes ml63

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