DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Madness Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs And Professor X!?

DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Madness Superbowl Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs And Things You Missed. We breakdown the new Doctor Strange 2 Trailer and talk about all the hidden surprises, the theories about Wanda being the villain, the large appearances and quite a bit of the tale.

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0:00 Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Intro
0:34 Spider-Man No Way Home Recap
0:53 Wanda Theories
4:12 Dreams And Nightmares…of insanity
5:44 America Chavez Explained
7:45 Returning Characters And Professor X
9:48 Doctor Strange Variants And Comic Inspiration
12:28 Mordo, Captain Carter, Rintrah and More
14:26 Reaction

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and we are in the endzone now with the superbowl trailer for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness unleashing on-line.

I think the first trailer released at the end of No Way Home in addition fills in a lot of the plot too so we are going to be going over that and conversing about how it teases what is in this one.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking this now let us get into The Multiverse Of Madness.

Ok so when we last saw Stephen Strange he was the Doctor Making you forget rather than being the Doctor that you forgot about…Dre.


If you look at things from his point of view he has no notion why the multiverse has cracked open as he now no longer recollects P…some..somebody from that motion picture. This is why he’s gone to Wanda, who after the events of Westview has been lying low near what may or may not be Mount Wundagore.

In the first trailer we got a good look at her Garden in which it looked like she’d planted hundreds and hundreds of white trees. Going off on a large symbolism tangent these in many ways characterize the multiple worlds that we will be visiting in the motion picture. They’re all really comparable looking but if you get up close you will notice minor differences to them.

Adding to this figure of speech Strange first comes across Wanda shaving branches, terminology that was used in Loki when the TVA spoke about shutting down an off shoot timeline.

The colour white typicall represents peace and in spiritualism it is classed as being something that shows recognition. The opposite to this is crimson which is embodied within Wanda’s crimson bedlam magic.

My guess is that originally Wanda will be at peace with losing her kids but after she learns variants of them exist within the multiverse that she’ll attempt to go after them. Wanda will likely be  the giant bad in the motion picture and in the first trailer we could catch Wong being held up by gleaming crimson magic, most probably hinting to her being the main antagonist in the film.

We of course in addition have the multiple Doctor Stranges and in addition Baron Mordo who we are going to talk about later on in the video clip.

If the darker edition is indeed the same one from What If then he will in many ways be a mirror of Wanda as the pair both lost the person they liked. They tried whatever they could to bring them back which includes totally warping actuality and there is a lot of terrific things that they can do here with both of them.


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  2. Oh Wow! I’m sure Ryan Airy’s mom felt that one.

  3. THANK YOU Paul for this awesome breakdown! I am now officially a subscriber. Thank you again and I look forward to watching your future and past videos. You are now a part of a handful of outlets I go to for my comic book movie insights. P.S. I have a vast collection of coffee mugs and I am pleased to see that you have one that I will purchase.

  4. Boi the man just keeps on On my way! back. The “x” man

  5. If there are zombies in this and if you read Marvels Zombies, a certain hero with a chainsaw for a hand and a boomstick showed up. The movie is directed by Sam Raimi.
    My prediction for a post credit scene:
    Zombie scarlet witch wrecks house like in What If…?, all of a sudden you hear “Yo, she bitch,” The camera does a Sam Raimi pull in on some boots and jeans covered in blood. “Lets go” *Cue chainsaw noise*

  6. I heard it was Maria and she’s a variant captain marvel.

  7. At 3:48 you could’ve said hide yo wife hide yo kids better get out of sight who do you voodoo bitch

  8. The thought of variants and thinking how many variants have variations is scary to think. Because last we saw Supreme strange he seemed to be accepting of his final mistake, and being the guardian of the gem holding Killmonger and Arnim Zola battling forever. It’s scary to think this Supreme Strange is even more delusional than the first not accepting his loss and continuing across the multiverse to get what he wants… also which could happen to Wanda.

  9. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    One of strange’s favorite spells is the “crimson bands of cyttorak” and that mummy looking monster that was in the trailer looked similar to the wraps strange used to restrain thanos in IW. He could be fighting cytorak 😮

  10. ultimatechakralives

    This is gonna be one hell of a great movie.

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