Doctor Reacts To Painful TikToks

My TikTok for you page is fully full of terrific medical things! Today we discuss food like Taco Bell and how it digests through your intestines, the appropriate volume of your headphones, surgical equipment, getting back in shape, decent skin care, those irregular jaw muscle trainers, how to do away with hickeys with whisks, face masks and skin peeling during periods, sunblock for babies, concussions, collarbones, melatonin, and yes I even speak some Russian.

I LOVE perusing your remarks and take your recommendations earnestly. If there is a topic you want me to debate or something you would like for me to respond to, leave a remark down below. Many of my video clips have been born out of recommendations directly from you, so do not hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. He’s on trending <3

  2. i can hear it I’m 16 year old that mean i am 25

  3. Omg your Russian sounded soooo cool!

  4. Doctor Mike I have a question so if someone were to get Covid what in your opinion would be the best way to treat it?

  5. Please do a review of this gadget called Lumen

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