Doctor Reacts To DRAMATIC Lifeguard Rescues

Bondi Rescue is an Australian reality television show about the lifeguards who work at Bondi Beach in Sydney. They have a YouTube channel where they upload a ton of their most astonishing clips, so I chose to take a look and evaluate their talents from a medical viewpoint. Today we discuss drowning, CPR, chest compressions, the difference between CPR on land and in the ocean, dislocated fingers, dislocated thighs, seizures, diabetes, blue bottles or jellyfish stings, scratches, and all other wounds that can occur when browsing or swimming in the sea. Are there any clips I missed? Tell me down below!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. 11:45 the only thing that makes me nervous is positional asphyxiation…. an epileptic seizure wouldn’t last long enough to cause any hypoxia though, could it….?

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