Do This Trick. Get EASY Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet (Infinite Shiny Pokemon)

Do This Trick to Get Easy Shiny pokemon in Scarlet & Violet. Alot of folks want to understand how to get early glossy pokemon in scarlet & violet. This guide will help you get your lustrous pokemon fast in pokemon scarlet and violet. This new trick is called the Shiny Picnic Reset Method. This makes use of the glossy mass outbreak technique and adds a new glistening pokemon trick to it. Hopefully this helps you to get lustrous pokemon simple and fast in pokemon scarlet and violet


  1. Lets Raid & Shiny Hunt Together!!! Discord:

  2. Do shinies make a noise when they spawn? I randomly found a shiny mudsbray and i was on the phone so i could hear if there was a noise

  3. I’m still in the first area, I don’t have mass outbreaks yet 😅

  4. Dude you are very helpful. Thanks! Will start doing this right away ☺️

  5. Got shiny hoppip using this trick. Thanks!

  6. Great video! Do we know if our pokemom hit a random pokemon that stumbles into the outbreak, if it breaks the chain?

  7. Do we close out the game after each picnic?

  8. Worked after my second picnic let’s go!!

  9. OK so I went to an outbreak and auto battled/ killed over 100 pokemon and the streak thing never came up what did I do wrong

  10. what breaks this chain?

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