Do Teens Know Their Parents’ Favorite 90s Cartoon Themes? | React: Do They Know It?

Not hearing your favorite toon theme song?
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Do Teens Know Their Parents’ Favorite 90s Cartoon Themes? | React: Do They Know It?


  1. I was born in 1974, and I watched Ren & Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Daria
    and Rugrats. why wasn’t the theme song for Rocko’s Modern Life and Beetlejuice
    not on this list? Ren & Stimpy started out on MTV, but then was moved to Nickelodeon.
    Beavis and Butthead and Daria was on MTV.

  2. This parents aren’t 90’s KIDS you morons!!! 90’s kids probably have childrens under 10 years old!!!!!!!! WHAT A FUKING CRAP VIDEO IS THIS??????

  3. You guys should do guess the brand jingle videos!

  4. kinda surprised, maybe not, that MMPR wasn’t included

  5. I know all of these!
    (I’m younger then everyone in the video .-.)

  6. Daria was so great. It had something to say, and subverted the stereotypes they created in their characters really well. Recess was good, the Beetlejuice cartoon, Aah! Real Monsters…. Magic School Bus is a classic of course. Dexter’s Lab.

  7. MaLittle FriTittle

    How did no one get Ren and Stimpy?

  8. Jordan’s mom is beautiful. I’m 25..

  9. It's yuh girl mikkeai8908

    The Hispanic girl in the blue shouldn’t have even been on there guessing, she knew nothing. Smh.

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