Do Head Gasket Sealers Actually Work (FULL 2yr TEST with Engine Teardown)

Substituting a Head Gasket can be tough and costly. Now and again your vehicle is not worth fixing and this is where a head gasket sealer in a bottle comes in handy. Do these head gasket sealers actually work? How long do they last? How do they work? What does a bad head gasket look like? Do head gasket sealers clog radiators?

I then tear down the engine and show you how the headgasket failed, how the sealer worked, and if the radiator got clogged up with sealer.

PEAK OET Antifreeze:
CRC Head Gasket Sealer:
BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer:
K-Seal Head Gasket Sealer:
Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Sealer:
Head Gasket Test Kit:
Spill Proof Funnel:

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