Do All Cheaters Think The Same?

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  1. Vincent bragging at 3:50… disgusting.

  2. Half of the stuff they say is just sad excuses to make themselves feel better about what they did

  3. Tracey Fils-demero

    1-2-Cheat! ????

  4. Worst group yet. So much toxicity and selfishness, honestly a horrible vibe from all of them. Cheating isn’t a “mistake” they all knew it was wrong and that it would hurt someone but consciously chose to do it anyway.

  5. Cheating is a HORRIBLE thing tod period

  6. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Goodbye.
    Also, they always find a way to victimize themselves or find excuses constantly.

  7. Most of these people try to justify that their horrible people by saying that cheating is ok IF their never is a IF your just a horrible person

  8. i love how the guy is laughing at everything lol wow

  9. I’m shoked that ethical non monogamy did not come up in this conversation. Some of these people have not been able to sexually commit to one person so why is this something they have not explored.

  10. If you are in love with someone you should not cheat on them. If you cheat you are a dirtbag, im sorry its just my opinion

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