First look at the NEW DJI Osmo Action! Is this the greatest action camera available? Showing the Osmo’s features and comparisons against the GoPro hero 7 black.


  1. Peter McKinnon

    What do you guys think?! Would you buy Osmo Action Over GoPro Hero 7 Black?

  2. Here I thought I bought the runner up to the GoPro, the Yi 4k. Nope! Wish I waited to buy this instead! Thanks Peter for the video!

  3. You are such a child. Please don’t change.

  4. droney Mcdroneface

    Did you call it dgi at the beginning? I do the same exact thing knowing it’s d J i. Idk why I do

  5. damn that a punch in the balls from dji 7:47

  6. A month ago I bought a Hero 7 Black, and I have been using it a lot. Favorite features include burst photos, Hypersmooth stabilization, Protune options (dull, low contrast, and medium and low sharpness settings that allow me to successfully make my own color contrast, and sharpness adjustments), and RAW still photos.

    It is not clear to me the the DJI Osmo Action camera offers at least the equivalent to Protune options, if not more.

    I really appreciate Peter’s comparison video, but it was not clear to me that Peter had made all the equivalent setup settings (Protune, color, contrast, sharpness, etc.) that I would only ~guess~ both cameras offer.

  7. Dang that DJI is a beast! How bout water action?

  8. DJI: Introduce OSMO ACTION!
    GoPro: I don’t feel so good…

  9. 24,500 in india?

  10. well I’m sure that no one noticed the shaky background till he mentioned it lol. I liked everything about Osmo Action except the crop.

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