DJ Drama – Everlastingly ft. Fabolous, Benny The Butcher, Jim Jones, Capella Grey

Stream/Download “Forever” –

Director: Kid Art
DP: Brennan Rowe
Editor: Kid Art
Producer: Omar Reynoso
Executive Producer: Andrew Goor and Cartier Brown
Production Company: Chariot


  1. Lox – The Essence

  2. say whachu want but jimmy done came a long way



  4. Andreas Schielke

    Great Song

  5. If it’s a loss your respect will get it.. #RiLLTlk .gotdamn

  6. Song heat! But that hook ass

  7. Opinions de Oro's

    Capella could’ve brought a more memorable chorus

  8. Tezzington Sir

    Khalid is worried now

  9. Jam💥

  10. “it’s not a win if u lost yo respect to get it”….wow fabolous.

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