DIY KITCHEN ISLAND *Installing Countertops & Appliances* | Kitchen Makeover Ep 5 | XO, MaCenna

We have been formally residing in the cottage for 2 weeks now with out a kitchen … but this week that all changes – from appliance deliveries and DIYing our custom island to ultimately getting our countertops installed … our kitchen is truly beginning to come to life!

❥ XO, MaCenna


  1. Bonnita Calhoun

    That open space to the right of the spice rack would be a great space to store/hide a plastic folding table for an extra serving counter, buffet for entertaining. Just add a false front.

  2. Rashmita Panigrahy

    I am so excited to see next the splashbacks you choose for the beautiful kitchen!! Can’t wait!! 😍

  3. Oh my goodness MaCenna you are blessed with so much talent. And Kinsley kept me laughing she wanted so desperately for you to play with her and you were so focused on your work it was hilarious! I’m sure that your family and your honey bunny are all very proud of you. I really enjoy watching your videos. I think you should make a ottoman and I’m sure that it will be gorgeous. Either that or you can make a fancy stepping stool the kind that has an upholstered lid so you put little things inside of it I have something like that. It was bought though I didn’t make it.

  4. OMG!!!!! I was worried the black would make the space “cold” but it amazing!!!! I can’t wait for the video. I wished u posted daily but I know that’s a lot of work, lol. Thank u for sharing ur talent with us.

  5. Question please – the walls in kitchen/dining are agreeable gray and pashmina for your wainscoting? The black is perfect 💜

  6. Hi not sure if you thought about putting a pull out cabinet in the open beside the spice rack??!! It could hold you cookie sheets and cutting boards. Hope you see this before you go ahead

  7. Heart and Home Crew

    Ooooh that black is nicceeeee!

  8. Great color choice for the island. When I remodeled my kitchen last year, I painted the walls a creamy white, the cabinets Swiss Coffee and the front of the island, where the chairs go, I installed bead board and painted it black. I have dark brass hardware on cupboard doors, drawers and outlet plates. It all looks amazing. I also painted inside of the windows black. I have black accents throughout my kitchen, such as my toaster, tea kettle and dish towels. I never had black in a kitchen before and I love it.

  9. Sorry, i didn’t catch what was coming from Italy? And how exactly do you order stuff from Italy? ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE KITCHEN FAUCET!!!!

  10. It’s so beautiful!! You’ve done an amazing job!!

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