DIY Cat Feeding Station (with splash shield)

We made our sloppy kitten a custom feeding station, with a splash guard!
Want behind-the-scenes content? Check out the Aftershow for:
• How Katelyn caused water damage
• Now that we have had it several days, how does Joob like it?
• Different lights we considered
• Less complicated or harder to tidy?
• The dang fire alarm!
• Why we made it so tall
• The way more tough path we nearly took…
• Largest game changer we learned
• Thoughts on realistic initiatives vs impractical ones
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  1. Evan and Katelyn

    Any keen eyed viewers see the water damage Katelyn caused? We tell that story in the Aftershow, which you can watch as a Patreon or YouTube Member 👉 👉

    • @Evan and Katelyn regarding the alarm system sometimes it can detect other particles than smoke… such as saw dust. I had this problem in my house for a long time before realizing that the sawdust was the issue. Hope this helps!

    • IShallNot BeSilent

      Love this and need one myself. Think I am going to build it.

    • I so want this for my new pup Stella. It would add more counter space and would be so cute!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 How much did this all cost to make?

    • georgia reinhardt

      i though the fire alarm was a bird😂 anyway are you guys ok??? water damage and the fire alarm stuffs

    • It’s a little difficult to see so I’m not sure if it’s just shadow, but is the water damage on the front left corner of the top, like from over watering a plant.

  2. Why three bowls? One for dry, one for wet, and one for…? I’d have assumed water if not for the fountain.

  3. Pin my comment and I’ll give joob a lot of hams

  4. Can I just ask why it needed 3 food bowls though?

  5. How much I need 2 lol 😆 so cute

  6. Dry food isn’t good for cats

  7. “And the Joob Cafe is open 24/7” I died.

  8. De Amerikaanse Theo&Thea hebben weer een mooi klusje geklaard.

  9. jonathanvalentino

    absolutely lOved the ham pink legs😆 the colors match with the wood, too!

    oh also, wouldn’t it look cool if the light is on the top of the acrylic sheet? Or add an LED strip on top of the sheet? So the logo would glow (if the sticker is like a frosted clear sticker)

  10. complimenting your date like 7:11

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