DIVE IN // Episode 5: Act I Kickoff – VALORANT

Dive into Pearl, VALORANT’s first Omega Earth map, alongside skins from the abyss, a fresh Battlepass, and an entire new Rank.



  1. I don’t have a good pc to play valorant my pc has 128 mb vram can u make valorant not laggy for low end pc users like cs go

  2. Dominick Duliepre Jr

    Don’t know if Cypher NOT being in the trailer is an upgrade or a downgrade tbh

  3. i was expected jaleel

  4. Jenivaldo Mateus

    The song playing isn’t from Portugal, it’s angolan. I know this bc I’m angolan and that’s a song I heard in like 2008 😂😂😂 still cool you guys at Riot used it

  5. cypher survived

  6. When is reaver 2.0 releasing ????????

  7. We must appreciate the fact that riot did not make cypher die again

  8. hope i can dive out of bronze

  9. The most realistic about this video is Neon always died first

  10. Woo!! 👏👏

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