Disruptive Coast-to-Coast Storm Could Impact 35 States At One Time

A vital and disruptive winter storm will impact millions of Americans from coast-to-coast this week, with heavy snow, snowstorm conditions, vital icing, flooding and severe climate all feasible. At least 35 states stretching across 2,000 miles could feel the effects of this mighty and disruptive storm. #winterstorm #climate #foxweather

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  1. dusting of snow in Massachusetts, melted by noon. a little drizzly this evening with no wind.

  2. Florida will be enjoying spectacular weather…

  3. Young woman with baby voices.

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  5. The Super AmazingAlex

    I sure hope that isn’t going to happen to me anyways.

  6. Claressa Richardson

    I accept the fact that extreme weather is created by haarp and space rockets.

  7. Don’t worry no money to help after storm your corrupt president Joe biden givern and giving to Ukraine good luck most of you Americains voted for him

  8. Hello, Humans
    Life is not friendly, Earth is a very harsh environment. One must be ready with a strong mind. It’s not about perfection, it’s about preparation.


  9. OMG! It must be winter time! Remember when winters in the north meant there was always snow pack on the ground??? But the wind!

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