Disney’s Pinocchio Remake is INSULTINGLY BAD…

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  1. No seriously, I hated this movie so much

  2. It’s not surprising that this remake has failed big time. Maybe now, Disney will stop making live remakes and go back to good old 2D animation already.

  3. What? You mean they didn’t make Pinocchio black and give him a pronoun. Shocking.

  4. this new lazier more conversational unscripted laughing every six second style completely killed my interest in a cool channel

  5. Dude, why care?
    All the remakes are bland and terribly made anyway
    So why care?…

  6. Bro the minute this movie came out I was just waiting for the hate videos lmao. Hate videos are very common with remakes (mainly Disney remakes). Honestly I didn’t think this would be a good movie when I saw the trailer because the CGI Pinocchio looked so weird and bad in live action.

  7. This was the WORST remake they ever did. There was nothing wrong with the original. I don’t know why they even bothered. It was a waste of money and my time.


  9. I like how Jiminy barely did anything in the entire movie, and how his voice actor dropped the “Jiminy accent” multiple times, and how he was given a boner joke in the middle of the Blue Fairy’s song even though nothing amazing was happening at that point

  10. It’s honestly not that bad now lion king was bad and lion king is my favorite movie

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