DISGRACEFUL! Liverpool 7-0 Manchester United! GOLDBRIDGE Match Reaction

Liverpool 7-0 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge responds to a huge loss at Anfield! Get the most recent Man Utd news on The United Stand. Player Match Ratings vote here

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  1. 3rd in the league your havin a laugh


    Everytime you watch this it gets funnier

  3. Imagine being a big club and not being able to afford Gakpo and instead having Weghorst as their main centre forward

  4. Good revenge by liverpool for cr7

  5. Gary Neville after the game : I know we’ve been beaten 7-0 but i have no doubts that Man city is gonna win the league”😂😂😂😂

  6. Not shocking at all. We thought it be easy game just because Liverpool having off season. Quality players don’t become crap. They embrassed us before or have we just forgotten that cause everything been rosy. What if City do the same. Haven’t we got to go to Etihad yet. This an issue which needs sorting. Mentality in these game is wrong. The shirt should mean giving everything till last minute. There lot of work to be done yet and got too far ahead of ourselves . We got right manager but team no where near yet and there isn’t squad depth. That can only be sorted when glazers are gone. We can’t rely same individuals every game. It hard truth we got to admit as Man U fans. Cup win and result against Barcelona is irrelevant with this result and if last seasons mentality creeps in again. Whats gonna happen against City. They no strangers to whipping our arses if on like Liverpool were.

  7. Is that you Matt Damon? 👀

  8. Correction, Liverpool won the Community Shield

  9. Get over it. It’s just a football game.

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