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How about a mojito, a hot stone rubdown, and the greatest of live TV and On Demand? DIRECTV has the drama and the newest games when you need it, though we can not promise a football game quite as marvelous as this one again. Learn more at #GetYourTVTogether #DIRECTV

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DIRECTV has been at the vanguard of amusement for almost three decades. Concentrated on our folks, vendors, and buyers, we seek to deliver the groundbreaking enjoyment experiences where, when and how folks want it.

Advances in science and the boom in content creation have ushered us into a new age. As firmly request for media grows and evolves, we stay committed to delivering uncomparable amusement experiences.

Since our launch in 1994, DIRECTV has continuously evolved our product, best-in-class content and service to provide consumers an industry-leading video clip offering. When it comes to the finest in enjoyment, we offer almost every American the capability to beam it or stream it.

If you beam it over satellite, you have access to the industry’s best picture format and exciting content in 4K HDR. We’re also the undisputed leader in sports bringing NFL Sunday Ticket customers every live out-of-market NFL game, every Sunday during the NFL season. Learn more here:

If you stream it over virtually any internet connection, you can enjoy the best in Live TV and On-Demand either on your existing streaming device or on the DIRECTV STREAM Device. Those with the DIRECTV STREAM Device can build a complete, integrated and customized entertainment experience with the ability to watch and pause live TV on up to 20 devices in their home. It also allows consumers to get all their favorite entertainment in one place with easy access to apps like HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video and more. Learn more here:

Not sure whether you want to beam it or stream it?

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  1. DIRECTV paid for this video to be on Trending because 1. It’s an ad on the Trending page. 2. There’s 28 likes and around 113 dislikes. It’s clear that 2 million people did not actually watch this. 3. There’s literally 11 comments, again proving that 2 million real people did not watch this video. 4. It’s from 8 days ago, kind of old to be on Trending.

  2. Vlog Vibe and Aggressiveprogress

    I wonder how much DIRECTV payed to put this on trending page.

  3. I’m in history now

  4. Love to see the housewife’s knocked on their can!

  5. So tired of these WOKE commercials . TV is done anyways

  6. Yes n still using my life to make a story

  7. You too can have someone pump commercials into your home. Never again!

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  9. Sis what’s happening? Why are you here?

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