Just Pure Real Time Digging, notice how hard or simple it is…..You Decide.

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OH those Planning People


Track 1 is by “Droids Osaka” and called “Youth8500” its a “Look Mum No Computer song they have covered and do a grand job.

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  1. So does it look hard or easy, faster or slower than you imagined. Also if I do another video like this give me some subjects to talk about, don’t have to be related to tunnelling, anything.

    • @StoneDog68 😄 make the video. I’ll watch it

    • You’re doing better than me, who had to manually dig 3 meters deep to fix the sewer pipe. Under the foundation of the house. Take a day off, otherwise you will quickly get on your nerves looking at the stones every day.

    • Steven Sepulveda

      Make a conveyor belt for all that moving automatic

    • Question: Why do you dig tunnels instead of trenches which you can cover once you have the tunnel roof in? Be way faster with a digger.

  2. I love this

  3. Safety first ;p Don’t forget the helmet, stones may fall when you filling the bucket.

  4. I am surprised you don’t have a better handle system for your ram. Have you tried a bigger wedge?

  5. You are a smart and talented dude. Why not build an appropriate sized and scaled down Tunnel boring machine?

  6. That is just crazy amounts of work to dig even a small tunnel, no wonder you don’t post updates every week. Keep up the good work Colin, it will be great to see all your hard work complete.

  7. For the first time i got bored of your video.. haha.. and yet so entertaining.. probably got used of watching your wacky and funny other videos.. keep up the good work…

  8. As a minor I don’t really have any comments to make.

  9. You could live stream this 24h a day, heaps would watch.

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