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Most music is library music with that 80’s vibe we appear to be hearing around at the moment but….

The track at 8,40 is a song called “Masquerade” by “Socks in Bed”

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  1. All hand digging now complete as down to the bunker will be done from above and so will the car port, thank you all so much for supporting this project. Its not totally finished but feels like a milestone for sure. Get your Tunnel prints here, there nice n cheap in this expensive time.https://www.colinfurzeshop.com

  2. You build a garage over where you want it to go down you drive in platform on hydraulic tubes lowers you . Your platform fits into a circle that gives you the opportunity to drive from 4 different angles. Drive in, turn the car to the left and drive into an underground car storage room.
    There is a road not too far from where l live that the houses sit with an unobstructed view for miles off a bluff. Many if these houses have these basement garages to store their numerous vehicles

  3. Sorry… still get can’t get past the part where you HAVE A DELOREAN

  4. I think if your using a round turn table to turn the car then you should be fine, it won’t hit the wall, is it round?

  5. He’s like a 12-year-old who knows plumbing, welding, and has all the resources and skills he needs to bring his crazy ideas into reality. Definitely one of the more unique maker creators on YT for that reason.

  6. Have the car sit on a plate that rotates left turning the front of the car 90 degrees to the left. Then the back part rotates rotates the back part 90 degrees to the right until the car is sitting the opposite way and away from the wall. Then the whole plate slides back against the wall. When it is raised back up you are facing the opposite of how you drove in and can simply drive out.

  7. Seth MalaxEtxebarria

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this done as quickly as possible like two 20 ton excavators and everything prefab dropped into place just months leading up to it with organisation and one or two day push.
    As for the turn circle I think it would be cool to tilt it up so it sits like a rocket launcher ready to take off then you could get away with a tighter turn

  8. If you did that where I live:
    “Florida Man dies after homemade tunnel collapses on top of him”

  9. What about a circular pad that can lift and spin at the same time so that the car turns around on the way up that would be awesome

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