Did We Just Change Animation Forever?

ANYONE can make a toon with this innovative methodology. Want to be taught how? We made a ONE-HOUR, CLICK-BY-CLICK TUTORIAL on http://www.corridordigital.com/

This project has been a large labor of love, and it is due to the amazing open-source community that we have this technology available to us. We hope that by sharing our discoveries and techniques that we can help push this technology forward for everyone. If you want to dip your toes into this tech, there are many amazing online communities ready to help teach you, including ours!

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This project exists because of the amazing members of CorridorDigital, our INDEPENDENT STREAMING PLATFORM. All memberships begin with a 14-Day Free Trial and you can Cancel Anytime. Consider becoming a member yourself! http://www.corridordigital.com/learn-more

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  1. We have an HOUR-LONG TUTORIAL on corridordigital.com for anyone that would like to learn step-by-step how to do this.

    • 5:50 LEGS GOOO

    • No, Pls. I Wanted to You Made More Rated-G Videos or Rated-R Videos.

    • Sure, fast food style animation will go the style transfer difussion and whatever other stuff comes next way. The thing is that filtering video is not animation and the creative process behind creating the “styles” that have made visual works memorable come from very complex and unkown sources. This example just emphasizes the importance of timing in animation and the creative decisions that surface while working and creating. The montage, speed lines and other visual cues animated here are great and are what sell the whole animated experience. Keep up the good work, no matter what tools or techniques are used, what matters are the ideas and intentions driving the creative processes.

    • @Shinigami Senpai Animation experts that sells NFTs and doesn’t pay their artist ok. 👍🏿

    • Despite my misgivings excellent work and thanks for sharing.

  2. This is not good actually

  3. try extention for stable diffusion “controlnet”

  4. so awesome 🔥

  5. 19:12 … But you’re charging for it. Also what’s with the “we need support in order to make these videos”? You’re making it sound like it’s some fun side thing you’re able to do when instead it’s literally your job. Also you’re probably loaded.

  6. Could you go back and apply the anime filter to your old anime videos

  7. I really don’t get it, some months ago you thought it was important to have Jake’s consent to training an ai with his voice, now you don’t care to even contact any artist to use what they done to train ai, very hypocrite..I really love your channel, you don’t need to do content ai based, you always been great..

  8. I’m excited to see what other people will make from this!

  9. Hope to be surrounded by talented people

  10. Very Metalocolypse feeling, tehe XD

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