Did Verstappen BRAKE CHECK Hamilton? | Saudi Arabia GP | The F1 Breakdown

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Ok, another insane race, and what a twisting story it was. Yet again, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were regularly battling for the same piece of race circuit. So let us break down some of the events from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Why did Verstappen crash in qualy, when he didn’t really need to? Was Lewis’ racing fair after the first restart? Will Verstappen EVER yield in wheel-to-wheel racing? And, did he brake test Lewis?

First off, the drama all started on Saturday, when Max had put together a mostly astonishing lap – fast, hard and taking risks. He was over 2 tenths up on Hamilton at the end of sector two. Then into the final corner he tried to carry a little too much speed in, locked a front left tyre.

Whether or not he needed to be pushing so hard at this point is debatable – especially when he had a good margin. However, it’s unlikely he knew Hamilton’s time, I doubt he was talking to his engineer during the lap (as the Jeddah circuit requires so much focus with little break).

So, Verstappen’s only reference would have been his own time delta – the plus or minus his best time – on the steering wheel. And as a racing driver – especially in his position – the default mode is to push as hard as possible.

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