Did the 49ers Just Hold the Most Honest Press Conference Ever? | The Rich Eisen Show | 3/30/21

Rich Eisen breaks down the 49ers’ most recent press briefing and marvels at the absolute 100% honesty of the Niners’ GM John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on Jimmy Garoppolo’s future as the team’s starting QB.

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  1. What they are really saying is nobody wanted Jimmy G in a trade

  2. This segment got a little gay

  3. Did the Niners call the Jets about the #2 pick? Ask John Lynch himself.. evidently he’ll tell you the truth

  4. Jimmy we love you so much we just gave up a bunch of 1st round picks to get the guy that is going to replace you.

  5. id keep garapollo because im in the thinking that the best qbs sot fpr a year+ or more n they turn into gold

  6. When you never have to work a real job or have real world problems n worries like most of us, I would look much better to lol

  7. Baloni. It’s not honest at all from Lynch or Shanahan.
    They know full well teams will wait for him to be cut (which he will be) so they are after a trade.

  8. It’s always funny to me that some straight guys can tell if another dude is good looking.

    I can tell if a guy dresses well. But honestly, I have no idea what women find attractive with someone’s face.

  9. I hate the narrative that the qb is the reason. We could have lost a superbowl with a coo qb that’s healthy

  10. Honesty is refreshing here, but what I’m more interested is if Eisen & co ranked the best looking female coaches in a ncaa conference or something & give some basic compliments like they did w/ the men & see how quickly a controversy arises

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