Dick the Birthday Boy: The Legacy Continues

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  1. I remember the Showbiz on 76th and Good Hope Road in Milwaukee. Went there for many a birthday in my youth.

  2. Can’t wait for the “Patrick Stewart looks at Dickpictures” episode

  3. I’m glad you guys found the out takes very very epic

  4. I feel like Mark Hamill is someone you could get on. Have him watch a trio of Star Wars knockoffs.

  5. What was the GI Joe toy Rich got? Asking for a friend.

  6. Was hoping they’d Unblur at the last frame

  7. I have no comment at this time

  8. That missing comma !

  9. Halfway through the video I was almost waiting for Mike to propose. For real, though, this was pretty sweet.

  10. The lady worked for state …past away …democrats hidden …

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