Diablo IV | Launch Live Action Trailer

Will you fight the darkness?

Deliver us from Evil 6.6.23 #DiabloIV

Pre-purchase for up to 4 days Early Access. Diablo4.com

Film shot by Oscar winning director Chloé Zhao and co-director Kiku Ohe.


  1. This is great, I cant w8 release date.. the only thing I do hate is seasonal characters.. why I cant have main char and play season with main char.. :@

  2. Saimon mówi TV

    F…this look amazing ! dont worry We are coming !

  3. 1AshesToAshes1

    No pala/cruz ..no d4 for me :/

  4. Cringed 95% of this video.

  5. Oussama Jr Moulana

    I am so excited to play Diablo, but in this video, the barb looks soo fake when he hits the ground

  6. Dorian Knezevic

    Please stick to animated videos

  7. 17 damage

  8. But its not a mobile game again huh? I.mean i got an phone but you know….

  9. This CGI looks sick! The waiting is finally over…it’s been 84 years

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