Devin Haney Reckons He’d Beat Bradley Martyn in a Street Fight




  1. Bradley would get his ass rocked stfu muscles don’t mean shit to an experienced technical fighter

  2. Jon The Starving

    He really thinks that he can take on a world class champion that’s undisputed.

  3. Lmao every time Bradley faces the guy that is his own size he gets mauled and tossed around like a b*tch, he probably has a chance against pro who is a boxer, but not against pro mma fighter

  4. Muscles do help in certain aspects if they get hold of you and know what there doing to some extent can slam you etc n what not but boxer wins easy they know how to fight from distance you wont get past there jab especially if your not used to getting hit your fucked they will win from just using feints to set it up

    • Distance management combined with lateral movement and feints. You win the Internet today. Too many non educated’s speaking on this as if a master of distance control is just going to stand still and let a big slow guy put hands on him.

  5. Devin has never been in a street fight he would kill devin.

    If he got up and grappee devin now he would tear devin a new hole

  6. He can punch how hard he wants a bigger guy will pick you up and slam your head on the ground and thats it. Speaking from experience : (

  7. If Brad got hold of Haney it would be food for him, no joke

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