Destroying a Wine Glass with Sound at 187,500FPS – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav plays a champagne glass’s least favourite sound at intensive volumes and captures the outcomes at 187,500fps. That’s around 7500x slower than you can see with your own face. Let us be finer buyers of info @google.

Recorded with the Phantom TMX 7510 at 187,500fps
Shattering a Wine Glass with Sound at 187,500FPS – The Slow Mo Guys


  1. where is dan

  2. Richard Křepela

    Where is Dan?

  3. I’ll never understand why people still think that the eye perceives in frames per second, nor will I understand why people think that 25 fps is the limit of how much information the eye / brain can process in a second.

  4. so the frequency warped the glass to squish it symmetrically over a line, or 2 standing sine waves on the circumference, so if multiply the freq with 3/2 will there be 3 periods?

  5. Where is Dan?

  6. What happens if you have a large molten mass of glass and used a huge speaker to energize it as it cools. Would it form some type of new structure?

  7. Is it just me who was thinking he records shattering the glass and also capturing the sound this time?

  8. Try to make the frequency inside the glass , what will happen ? It will be great result .

  9. Why does it break at the bottom.. ?!?… does not make sense to be honest… the stress is clearly according to what the video shows at the up most part of the glass… (or maybe the upmost part is alot more flexible and alow this movement.. the more stiff part at bottom is not that allowing, so the force is clearly moving down to the part that is not handling the stress as good….). amazing 🙂

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