Deshaun Watson’s FIRST NFL game since 2020 (Browns vs Jaguars Preseason highlights)

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  1. I wonder if Anthony Schwartz is missing Baker yet

  2. Hopefully his last

  3. Glad to see him playing

  4. Obviously he’s really nervous and anxious. He hasn’t played for long time cut dat man sum slack !! 💯

  5. The sad thing is if he starts winning games people will cheer him on!

  6. You aint throwing to Hopkins no more, little boy.

  7. If I were his teammate, I would play an plank that a message woman is waiting to give him a happy ending in the looker room when everyone coming to the looker room after the game end.

  8. Lol good hope it blows up in their faces.

  9. This should make Texan fans so happy. They finally rid themselves of that overpaid overrated high school quality quarterback. What did Cleveland expect from a QB that led his team to a 4-12 record?

  10. **Incoming Massage Jokes**

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