Depeche Mode – My Cosmos Is Mine (Official Audio)

Official Audio for “My Cosmos Is Mine” by Depeche Mode

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Do not play with my world
Don’t mess with my mind
Don’t question my spacetime
My universe is mine

Don’t toy with my heart
Don’t knock down my shrines
Don’t alter my headlines
My universe is mine

No war, no war, no war, no war
No more, no more, no more, no more
No dread, no dread, no dread, no dread
Not here, not here, not here, not here
No rain, no clouds
No ache, no shrouds
No final breaths
No mindless deaths

Don’t gawp at my soul
I swear it is fine
Its borders are outlined
My cosmos is mine

My cosmos is mine

#DepecheMode #MyCosmosIsMine #MementoMori


  1. Nikolay Koasilov

    Да даа да

  2. Nikolay Koasilov

    Да да да

  3. This is not music

  4. They’re back ! Can’t stop listening… Dark, layered, textured, melodic production… 😍🤩 Haven’t heard DM so good since Ultra ! Gonna be an awesome album! (Tip: listen to this song while HAF, the way it is intended)

  5. Cristian Troiani

    Dark is back!!!! Thanks MODE

  6. Horrible 🤮🤮🤮

  7. Kathryn LaFrance

    This song is so sexy!

  8. Fantastic song. And, very important, Christian Eigner can‘t destroy it with his drumming!

  9. Jens Pfotenhauer

    Pipiline?? Construction Time again

  10. “my cosmos is mine” “don’t stare at my soul” you’re completely lost in a dream, your reality is a complete delusion. Wake up.

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