Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks Game Highlights | NFL 2022 Week 1

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  1. Nah If im the Broncos kicker im mad as hell, cause we had 3 timeouts with 1:02 seconds left and we literally let the clock run down to 20 seconds and settled for a 64 yarder. They could’ve easily got a good 20+ more yards if they would’ve managed their time and timeouts correctly

  2. 3 TOs when Williams got tackled down 4th&5. Aight man

  3. As a Broncos fan last night, that was hard to watch. They gave up two TDs in the redzone and were overall just sloppy. The Broncos without a doubt should have won that game but with that being said great game from Geno.

  4. Typical Denver. They could mess up a wet dream! .500 at best this season.

  5. AYO!!!😂😂😂 Gino wit the ass grab

  6. The broncos defense really showed out in the second half! Only 34 yards allowed and no points! Unfortunately the offense still has some kinks to work out that should’ve been worked out in the preseason smh. That hackett call was actually insane tho like wtf

  7. @11:42 why did geno grab homeboy’s cheeks like that!? 😂

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