Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch DISQUALIFIED | Pocono Update

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  1. Sounds like u didn’t like the Poconos!!! Great track for campers!!! Like all the beautiful Appalachians!!! Wish they’D get their secon date back!!! But was still hell of a wknd of racing there with all 4 national divisions!!!

  2. When is Ford going to win again? NASCAR must be mad or upset with F.M. C.

  3. Kenneth Pereyda

    couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

  4. Kenneth Pereyda

    But Denny intentionally wrecking Chastain puts other cars at risk- is He willing to risk that- He may do more harm than good- I heard he was booed after the race-karma- I’ll bet Harvick wasn’t too happy with Denny

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  6. I don’t believe Hamlin finished his payback, not because of the DQ, but if he has added up the amount of times he’s been wrecked by Chastain he’s not even close yet. I’m not a fan of either but it’s also notable that Harvick was the big loser on that payback…..and did nothing (this time) to deserve it.

  7. Had an awesome time at the race and was happily eating dinner with my family on the way home when we learned about the DQs. Super upsetting 🙁

  8. I’ve always felt the grill scoops on the toys gave them an advantage in downforce in the corners.

  9. Ross is a boss an took a cheap shot,he’ll be ready for payback I hope.

  10. How many times does Denny get to pay him back, when Denny brake checked Ross, the day Denny started all of this, Ross bumped him unintentionally and sent him up the track, Denny spent the rest of the day not only wrecking Rosses day but wrecking other people’s day also, just like he did at Pocono, NASCAR better get a handle on this Psycho soon, he’s gonna kill somebody.

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