Deltarune Chapter 2 GASTER [Pipis] EGGS (Easters Eggs, Secrets, and References) PART 2

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Deltarune Chapter 2 Easters Eggs, Secrets, and References
The ULTIMATE Gaster Eggs experience!

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This first installment is broadly concentrated on little selections and interchange in Chapter 1 that cascaded forward to affect your save in Chapter 2.
Genuinely, we are barely scratching the surface here. I already easily have enough for another video PLUS something entirely dedicated to Spamton. Who knows from there?! This game is JAM packed!!

ALL my Undertale/Deltarune videos, including more easter egg videos, theories, and more!


  1. Justin Y With Mustache Access

    @Noah Robin If by came you mean, released then no, undertale was released on 2016 while Deltarune was released on 2018. You probably mean either conceived or developed, and that’s actually more reasonable. Deltarune was developed alongside Undertale and there are some thoughts floating around that Toby actually conceived and began working on Deltarune as supposedly the main project and made Undertale as the spin-off, it’s just that since it was a spin-off it sort of got finished faster. Apparently Toby started work on these 2 games when he saw kanotyne’s oc’s for some playing cards. Those characters were actually used by Toby as the Deltarune chapter 1 mobs so yeah, quite likely Toby started with Deltarune before Undertale.


  3. @2 Left Thumbs Pipis

  4. Dude i like your channel, but the ads are just too much.

  5. @2 Left Thumbs you can try to throw Lancer and Rouxl in human world it has a little Easter egg

  6. 1:01 you can also faintly hear flowey’s theme through all the car honks during this… creepy

  7. Team Fortress 2 Gaming

    I got the sans voice Sfx on the GIASFELFEBREHBER or whatever it is.

  8. There is also some spear of justice leitmotif in the first honks

  9. Dude has no one noticed that Kris had a knight outfit in the Dark World from the beginning anyway?

  10. I have a gaster secrer if no one knows about it yet!

    Call on the phone in castle town.

  11. So are we just not going to mention that after his first fight Berdly dies like classic sonic?

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