Deion Sanders: The 60 Minutes Interview

Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, is altering the panorama of sports once again, this time as head football coach at Jackson State University, an HBCU looking to compete with Power Five programs.

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“60 Minutes” is the most effective tv telecast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of folks in the news, the telecast started in 1968 and continues to be a hit, over 50 seasons later, frequently making Nielsen’s Top 10.

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  1. We love coach Prime. A man who steps up for the kids

  2. Please stay for a while longer! You are making such a DIFFERENCE! You have shined the light on HBCU’s (UAPB Alumni here) and it’s exciting to watch the programs grow. PWI’s are not even worthy of your expertise and enthusiasm. PWI’s of Tennessee Volunteers raided the field, tore down the goal post, and threw them into the Tennessee River after their win against Alabama. Let’s bring that excitement to our HBCU’s.

  3. Amen. Thank you.

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  5. Great interview

  6. When I was a kid deon sanders was prime time alright! Everyone knew who deon was

  7. Damn! Well done Prime and get the message out. ✌🏻

  8. Prime playing chess only a few can really see what he’s doing, this is going to be more epic than his football career Trust

  9. I hope this wasn’t the entire segment 60 mins did on Coach Prime. They completely missed what he is all about. It’s simple. Influencing his players to become strong, intregrous, educated, caring men of society who happen to play football. He is raising men out there. Not victims. Not bystanders on a sideline. But true change makers in their communities.
    He truly has been called by God. He just happens to be following his calling. We need more men like Coach Prime and his staff. Motivates me to be a better man.

  10. “I love every damn minute of it”
    “It doesn’t hurt his team is, darn good” lol

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