Deion Sanders receives his flowers from Shannon Sharpe | Ep. 65 | CLUB SHAY SHAY

Club Shay Shay heads to Boulder, Colorado this week, with Shannon paying a visitation to new Colorado HC Deion Sanders for an original interview. Unc x Prime, nothing else to state!

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About Club Shay Shay:
Club Shay Shay is a weekly podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe – 3x Super Bowl champ, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and co-host of Undisputed on FS1. Each week Shannon will sit down with athletes, celebs and influencers to break down, inspect and talk about the newest headlines in sports, pop culture and everything in-between. Get on the VIP list at Club Shay Shay NOW and never miss an episode!

Deion Sanders receives his flowers from Shannon Sharpe | Ep.


  1. What do you expect from Deion at Colorado?

  2. Shannon sharp a Goat to

  3. Number 1 trending unc

  4. Put your glasses back on !

  5. Amazing interview….Luv me some Prime. Now we just need Unc to get Bo on here. That would be epic.

  6. All this situation did was expose the wealth gap. Alum have to step up

  7. I would love for Shannon , Jerry , micheal Irvin and others to coach

  8. Just block 4 I got

  9. Shilo was on Video Callin Prime Prep Ghetto 😢

  10. I really find it ironic that his I AM ATHLETE interview is removed. I love prime but he needs to admit how much he was bashing power 5s and saying how much “we” don’t need power 5s and he wanted to flip it and build like FSU. That’s what people are upset about. Just admit you had a chance of pace instead of gaslighting people. He literally argued Channing down about this. It’s just disappointing that he doesn’t just admit that and move forward

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