Deion Sanders on exceeding expectations at Colorado, coaching his sons and more! | Big Noon Kickoff

Deion Sanders joined “Big Noon Kickoff” to discuss exceeding expectations with the Colorado Buffaloes, coaching his sons and staying focused on upcoming games.

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  1. It’s only up from here for Coach Sanders! 🏈

    • Deion loves CU and CU loves Deion

    • ⁠​⁠@Long sleeve thong they SHOULD lose @OR (a top 15 team) and vs USC (a national title contender w/ the consensus #1 pick in the NFL), so what? This is year 1 after a 1-11 team. However this team ends out (I’m predicting bowl game, maybe in the top 25 at the end of the year, Pac12 is tough this year…) Deion’s greatest accomplishment, as a CU alum, is he has shown the next generation why they will love Boulder. He’s brought national attention to one of the most beautiful campuses in America. Idk how long Deion will be there, but he’s already done more for this program than anything in the last 20 years.

    • @Jamel Rogers yeah whatever. that sounded fatherless.

    • @D B pRiMe loves CU so much he doesn’t wear team colors on college football game day. Iol. Wakanda forever tho amirite?

    • @Jamel Rogers I don’t speak wakandanese

  2. Love to see it 🙌🏽

  3. I believe!

  4. To GOD be ALLLL the Glory!!! Coach Prime understands this and that’s why he keeps winning. With GOD All things are POSSIBLE!!! 🙌🙌💖🙌🙌

  5. Prime cutting wrestling promos in football

  6. Prime brings fun, style, and good football to the college nation! Powerful!

  7. Prime is the man.. great job 💪👍💪👍💪💪

  8. Hugh Richard Bradshaw, II

    His gold chain with the gold coach whistle is so swag

  9. Ta the Blk Paladin

    I can’t lie those shades were Nice!

  10. seriously, though, what other ncaa football program has this kind of swag?

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