Deion Sanders, Colorado defeat Colorado St. in double overtime thriller | CFB | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless, Keyshawn Johnson, Richard Sherman and Michael Irvin discuss Colorado’s double overtime win vs. Colorado State. The cast also react to Travis Hunter being ruled “out for a few weeks” after sustaining a late hit by a Colorado State defensive back.

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Deion Sanders, Colorado defeat Colorado St.


  1. Coach prime is the remember the titans team.. they hating on him and what these black folks doing.. and they trynna hurt them on purpose and not get into trouble for it. We see whats going on

  2. Amazing video let’s go CU let’s win it all🎉.

  3. Excellent material. Wow, i like to watch this show. Best sports show by far.

  4. Why can’t we see the highlights you guys see?

  5. CSU n Jay Norvell played a classless game Sat….faked injuries to slowdown Buffs offense, dirty plays from #11 on Travis & Kamara intentionally roughing up Shedeur…..

  6. Unfortunately, Deion is upsetting the establishment with his style of coaching and recruitment so, IMO, a bounty was put out to shut him up and sadly a Heisman hopeful had to suffer for it.

  7. Buffs defense has to make a statement vs the Ducks next game

    This one has to let people know the cost on the backend of them bounties

  8. It’s really annoying when y’all don’t show the footage, that’s why everyone watches the bootleg YouTube channel

  9. In the midst of all the chaos when Colorado couldn’t get anything going, Shiloh Sanders kept the game from getting out of hand for Colorado

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