Defunctland: The Awful Wiggles Dark Ride

In this minisode, Kevin investigates the Wiggly history of the defunct Wiggles dark ride, The Big Red Car Ride, at Dreamworld in Australia.

Special Thanks to ReviewTyme for consulting on the episode!

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  1. Dillon’s Trains

    What happened to the podcast?

  2. I was a huge fan of the Wiggles as a kid. I remember when Greg left the first time, I was devastated and didn’t want to watch the show with the change. I would eventually watch it again occasionally, but Wags talking really didn’t sit well with me, so I dropped it. I would still listen to the songs I knew, even now from time to time. I never realised how much more to Greg, Anthony, Murry, and Jeff there was until now.

  3. Mikayla Seabrook

    Pretty proud to say I’ve been to a Wiggles concert. Yeah, you could say I’m cultured

  4. Comparing the speed of the the Wiggles dark ride to the Formula Rossa is a very underrated joke in this video and definitely gave me a good laugh


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