Debunking viral TIK TOK video clips | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

This week we are debunking viral Tik Tok and facebook videos that have been sent in to me. Fake food videos seem to be on the rise because they re being rewarded by the platforms with views. In this episode lets look at does Pepsi make worm parasites come out of pork? Can you dice strawberry with razor blades? Can you make pear jelly using lemonade? Does storing strawberries in a jar make them last longer? Can you cook steak in a toaster? Join me for food science, creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every second Friday.

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  1. Can Dave appear on ” Hot Ones ” ? heh….he’s a champ.

  2. 11:05
    Is that BBQ sauce? ON A STEAK? 🤮🤢🤮🤢

  3. Love these. Educational and entertaining. Good job on the book! Absolutely brilliant <3

  4. Rick Lax is cancer

  5. Very cool about your cook book!

  6. Honeypuffmonster

    I feel I would pass my biology and chemistry classes if Ann was my teacher.

  7. If you cook steak in a toaster it’s the last thing you’ll cook in that toaster! Lololol

  8. I live for these videos

  9. Strawberries lasting longer than 2 days after buying them, let alone 9 days, is a hack itself.

  10. I… want to order your book 😞

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