Death Valley Flood Destroyed Our Road…Is This The End?

LMNT has been a large supporter of the town, I use it every single day, so I hope you will check it out!

Hi everyone, this week was a hard one up here at Cerro Gordo. A “1,000 year flood” hit Death Valley right by us and totally washed out our street. Short term, it made it unfeasible to get up or down the street. Long term, this will mean we cannot get the trucks up the street needed to carry on progress on the American Hotel and many other tasks. This is a definitely destructive blow in the litany of destructive blows that appears to come with living up here.

The future of many tasks is fully up in the air currently and may push the timeline into the winter, which would mean at least 6-8 months of no progress. BUT we are doing everything we can to push through.

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  1. Ghost Town Living

    Thank you all so much for all the continued support on this project! If you didn’t catch last week’s video when we brought up the tank, you can check that out here:

    • last week when you took that tank up and went live. if you replay that i was trying to tell you. but i guess i was a troll. but this week if you go back and replay what i said in your live chat. i was brutal but honest. and now when you are reading this i will not dig my heels in and laught. but i will say this. your first and only concern should be to control your water. and all them big machines you have it was so possible for you to be in control. so from here on out. i think you should be more concerned about what is on top of the ground and leave the death trap alone. more respect is given when you show how to do it. and permaculure is way more important than levis genes. or we will see another heart felt program with you dealing with an issue that never should have been created. go forward and turn you mountain into a living oasis . good luck and i hope you see i am not trying to troll you but force you to overstand the grand picture is more important than a screen shot. peace

    • I don’t know what you’re going through because I never been there and I know they say it ain’t easy but it’ll be worth it so when your day comes going to have walls full of Levi’s hang in there Mr Underwood

    • Brent you should put out a book of your journeys there.

    • “Załatwi się”.

    • You have to trust in God he will pull you through all of this. This too shall pass 🕊️🙏🌹 There are ups and downs in all our lives, it’s hard but all shall be done 🌹

  2. Damn, you need to catch a break. Sorry for your problems. You’re a great guy with a big heart. Keep on truckin my friend.

  3. With climate change these events will occur more frequently unfortunately, I wonder if the county could assist in drainage ditches to the side of the road, potentially formed with concrete. I wish you all the best with the rebuild Brent

  4. Very theatrical.

  5. LMNT has stevia or xylitol. I would buy it but those two sweeteners make me really sick. organic cane sugar or elderberry or something else please? Whatever is in the liquid supplements I take tastes good with no sweeteners, like the B12 and Brain Force Ultra. If I am incorrect I hope someone can let me know I looked all over the site.

  6. Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞

    Brent, I love watching this whole adventure, but it still sucks to see you so down in this video. It really stands out because you’re basically glowing when you get to talk about Cerro Gordo and bring us on your exploration of the mines, etc. You’re totally in your element when things are progressing in the right direction, and it’s legitimately as if that town was built just for you to explore and share your love of the town with people. I remember when the hotel burned down, I saw people on reddit were saying you were crazy for having a vision of what the town could be and they didn’t understand the point of what you were trying to do. They thought it was silly that you were trying to rebuild the hotel.

  7. PaulineRoy Adair

    God bless you .Roy

  8. get a big excavator with hammer and make a new permanent road with drain on sides.

  9. Michael Shaeffer

    Keep going Brent. What you’re doing is bloody heroic!

  10. It may not be “the end” but this town is dead and has been for decades, it’s time and use has come and gone and it’s going to be like reviving a corpse, and it will fight you every inch of the way. That’s just the facts.

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