Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

America’s system for administrating death investigations is a mess. John Oliver clarifies why we should all be a bit more worried about solving it.

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  1. Overnight Glenn Close’s corpse to NJ

  2. Ed Sheeran as a king would objectively be a better ending to GOT.

  3. hey john oliver is a pretty smart guy

  4. ugh – again, I WANT to like John Oliver. This is one of the better episodes and yes, it’s absolutely horrible how these death investigations are carried out – but once again I can’t trust the integrity of how he spins stuff. I haven’t fact checked this episode, but there’s always something the writers make seem different than it really is – like the one where they led everyone to believe that toy guns are more regulated than real guns, but the fact was that the TOY INDUSTRY has more regulations on the manufacturing PROCESS than gun manufacturers do – and of course they do!! The dead giveaway that something probably exists in this episode too is that if you’re over 18 years old – dad passing away shouldn’t mean you can’t pay the freaking rent. Of course, it shouldn’t take six months for a death certificate but not for the reason of collecting insurance to pay for food. That’s so intellectually dishonest to emotionally spin things this way. Then, of course, he ends by arguing that forensic pathologists should get paid more with the same mouth that argued that health care should be subsidized by the government. Those two things DO NOT go hand in hand.

  5. Thanks Joliver, keep telling us about Murica.

  6. Only in America. U.s.a. no.1 … Of fuck ups in the world.

  7. Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    I liked that show man…

  8. Hey, Missouri and Kansas, I live there! ……And suddenly I’m scared………

  9. When the realization hits that you live in one of the states John mentions……..

  10. A degree from USC. LMAO.

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